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Our specialist paving teams have been turning out first class driveway installations for too long to remember! Installing the best driveways in Middleton, Langley, Boarshaw and Rhodes. If you are living in Middleton then you have probably seen our driveways without knowing that we are the people behind it. Our dedicated Rochdale based driveways team would love to talk to you about your driveway requirements and we provide a full free no obligation quote and site survey

When it comes to the best driveways Middleton has to offer, we cannot be beaten, our high standards of work and our best quotes guaranteed to meet your budget.

“The Best Driveways Middleton Has To Offer”

One thing you want to know is that your driveway will be as individual as you, there is nothing worse than seeing a full street of homes with the same driveways as it makes your home feel generic.

With the amount of paving for driveway ideas that is available today the driveway options are endless, and our experienced fitters can make once a drab tired area into a very impressive place for you’re off road parking

What is best for my driveway?

Well this really depends on what you want for your money, if you really just need somewhere to park the car, then a gravel driveway could well be the option, eventually progressing up towards block paving, cobbles, and imprinted patterned concrete. So it really does just depends on budgets, the eventual driveway cost will depend on what you want to go for and what you are able to afford.

Below is a quick overview of what you can have starting from the cheapest to the dearest.

Gravel Driveways Middleton

This will be the least expensive option with only probably driveway edging needed to retain the gravel.It would be worth viewing a gravel guide as there are many many types at different costs but by choosing a standard one you could still get an attractive cheap driveway. Gravel is great and cheap, but can be messy ongoing and you will find that with the famous Rochdale weather you might be sweeping gravel from your front lawn and the public pavement as your cars leave with the gravel in tow.

Block Paved Driveways Middleton

Block paved Driveways are easily the most installed drive product in the UK, and its easy to see why. Affordable and very pleasing on the eye it ticks a lot of boxes for most people. This is the perfect alternative, cheaper than cobbles but still looks great and very easy to maintain your driveway ongoing.

Beamish Cobble Driveways Middleton

Beamish Cobbles are arguably the finest driveway product commonly used in the north east, Manufactured near Stanley by Thomas Armstrong and available in Stone, Harvest, Brindle and Burnt Ember. The cobble in the picture is Stone

Driveway Costs

Underneath you will see a quick list as to what we feel is going to be the cheapest to the dearest

  • Gravel
  • Concrete (standard)
  • Gravel and Flags Mixed
  • Gravel and Blocks
  • Block Paving
  • Resin bonded aggregates
  • Cobble Paving
  • Stamped Imprinted concrete

When looking at driveway designs what will I need to consider?

When looking at which way you want your new driveway, there are a few things to take into consideration like edging and drainage etc. They may not sound much but retaining the drive, draining the area or stopping the lawn pouring water onto the driveway paving are super important if you’re going to have the lovely drive you always wanted.

Driveway Drainage

How will the area drain? This is without question the first thing a professional company looks at and the first thing the cowboys ignore.

Why? – Because installing the correct drainage systems is not only required by law as of 2008 if you want to avoid planning permission, but it is avoided because its time consuming and requires a great deal of knowledge and skill. North East Paving install the correct drainage on every installation where required. These drains are also ideal for protecting garages.

Driveway Edging

Driveway Edging can be the difference between a stunning drive and a standard one, not only does the edging add a huge amount of strength to the driveway bricks base work it also has huge visual appeal, Boot kerbs as there commonly known make a unique divide between the garden and the paving and are available in matching colours so in keeping with the design of the paving.

Northeast Paving & Gardens work on a free no obligation estimate services, we don’t employ salesman, we have no intrest in anything other than trying to get you the best price we can and fingers crossed securing your project for our installers.