The Driveway Process

The Driveway Process
  1. The location of your driveway will be cleared and excavated to a depth of eight inches and prepared for the concrete to be poured upon. Aggregate is set down and machinery is used to compact and level it to form a solid base. Shuttering is pinned and nailed in place to provide the required shape and drainage is positioned before the concrete is poured. We always make sure that the driveway is cleared beforehand so that we can create a level surface throughout and we normally do with our own diggers.
  2. Once the driveway preparation is complete, ready mixed fibre re-enforced concrete is delivered to the site then poured, levelled and floated. Concrete is poured four inches thick in all areas of the drive then rolled to remove air bubbles and bring moisture to the surface so that the concrete can be printed and built on to the driveway.
  3. Then we need to add the colour hardener is evenly spread across the wet concrete and then smoothed to harden and colour the mix. The rubber mats imprint the surface of the concrete to apply the desired pattern.
  4. After the printed concrete has dried completely (this may take 24-72 hours depending on weather conditions), the shuttering is removed, expansion joints are cut in the required places, the driveway is washed and left to dry (approximately 24 hours). When dry, colour matched silicone is placed in the expansion joints. Finally sealant containing a slip-resistant agent is brushed onto the surface to protect it and enhance the colour.

The process of installing a driveway can take up 3-4 days and can change the whole exterior of your home. If you have a driveway in Manchester, Salford or Prestwich that needs attention, then why not contact us for a free quote today and let us help you make the right decision for your next driveway.