Yorkstone Flagstones For Paving & Driveways

Yorkstone Flagstones For Paving & Driveways

When it comes to building stunning driveways in Manchester, Salford and throughout the North West, here at Integral Driveways we only use the best suppliers in the business. Our Yorkstone Flagstones are from Holmfirth in the heart of Yorkshire by a company called Abacus Stone Sales that are a world renowned supplier of Yorkstone and reclaimed stones with 5 quarries in Holmfirth and Honley in the stunning Yorkshire countryside.

When you choose a driveways or patio with us and choose Yorkstone, you know you are getting the most natural flags that will be cut and dressed to requirements and will weather beautifully over the years making your driveways the envy of all your neighbours.

Check out the images below of what Yorkstone flags look like.

So What Is Yorkstone?

Yorkstone is a very high grade stone from Yorkshire that is desirable for paving and flagging, it’s a natural stone with varying colourings because each piece of natural Yorkstone is taking from the quarry and is individual. Yorkshire stone is noticeable in Yorkshire homes and there is a big difference between Yorkshire stone and other county stone quarried.

How Did It Come About?

Quarried since the 18th century, Yorkstone can be found throughout Local Yorkshire cities and towns, but also throughout the world. Over the years, people realised that Yorkstone has many benefits and has become more and more popular throughout the years and is now so popular that you can find homes being built throughout the world.

As Yorkstone is more expensive, you know you are getting a quality product that will last. The benefits of seeing your driveway or patio looking like new even 20 years down the line makes the expense worthwhile. As they say, you cannot put a price on quality and usually a driveway will last a life time.

So, when you choose Yorkstone you are adding value to your home, people will love the design, the feel and unique character compared to other homes on the street without it.

If you decide to use reclaimed Yorkstone or normal Yorkstone from here in the UK you are also being kind to the environment as there is not much travel involved meaning less emissions, reclaimed even more as it has already been quarried.

So, in summary, we would recommend Yorkstone for your next driveway, patio or landscaping project and Integral Driveways has a great relationship with Abacus s0 we can supply and fit your Yorsktone Flagged patio or driveway for less than many other local Manchester companies.

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