Driveway Patterns

Driveway Patterns

Take a look at our Driveways Patterns and Styles

5 Foot Circle

Ashlar Stone

Basketweave Brick

Belgian Block


Cheshire Cobble

Deep Jointed Cobble

English Slate

European Fan



French Cobble

Garden Stone

Grand Ashlar

Herringbone Stone



London Cobble

New Herringbone Brick

Octagon Tile

Old Herringbone Brick



Pacific Boardwalk

Riverside Slate

Roman Cobble

Royal Ashlar



Santa Barbera Tile

Split Rubblestone


Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass



The advantages of artificial grass allow you more time to relax and enjoy your space, whether it is outdoors or indoors.

If you are sick and tired of muddy lawns in Winter and having to mow your lawn in Summer, artificial grass gives you the chance to sit back and enjoy all-year-round green.  Children and pets will love the soft grass, and best of all, they remain clean.


The grass is extremely durable, it can be installed in areas of heavy usage, like walkways. Say goodbye to slippery, muddy areas, muddy shoes and muddy dogs’ paws! Installing artificial grass means you will have a durable surface and gives you the benefit of reducing your cleaning list.

You only need to carry out light maintenance once the grass is installed, so no more lugging the lawn mower around, or weeding the grass on your hands and knees. This, of course, generates you savings on time and up-keep costs, and is particularly useful if maintenance isn’t possible or practical.

Because you don’t need to mow or water the grass, or even apply fertilisers or pesticides, you are helping the environment, and saving yourself money. This is ideal where water is scarce or in hosepipe/sprinkler ban areas. For those on water meters it also offers a saving; during warm weather it’s estimated that as much as 75% of residential water is used to irrigate lawns.

  • Low maintenance – generating savings on time and up-keep costs. This applies to homeowners, the elderly for whom maintenance is not practical, second/holiday home owners and also organisations such as local councils who have to maintain roadside verges, city parks and pathways
  • No watering – ideal where water is scarce or in hosepipe/sprinkler ban areas.
  • Better for the environment – no need for pesticides and mowing.
  • Ideal for areas of heavy usage – no more slippery, muddy areas, no more muddy shoes or muddy dogs’ paws to have to clean up!
  • All-year-round green – aesthetically pleasing to the eye no matter what time of year. No more yellow patches on your lawn and no more weeds staring back at you!
  • Clean and hygienically safe – no degradation by pets.
Resin Driveways

Resin Driveways